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Hardfacing consumables


Introduction to hardfacing

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About hardfacing

LION welding products facility, provides specialist hard surfacing processes for reducing wear and erosion on dynamic equipment used in many industries, especially for drilling, mining and construction.

Using proprietary techniques and processes developed over many years, LION can provide some of the most resilient and proven quality hard surface treatments in the industry, ensuring the provision of the best wear resistant coatings for all types of downhole tools.

The hard surfacingavailable includes stellite coating, tungsten carbide inserts, tungsten powder and diamond products.


HF 1000

Cost effective solution

Durable and hard wearing

Suitable for softer/medium formations

Composite rod with 1/8” to 1/4” crushed tungsten wear carbides bonded in a tough nickel based matrix

Variations in cutting carbides offered for milling and scraping applications

HF 2000

Higher performance

Trapezoidal tungsten carbide inserts in-filled with 1/8” composite filler material

Offered for medium formations

HF 3000

High Performance for medium to hard formations

Tungsten carbide tiles (brick work pattern) with LION propriety in- fill options

Close Tile formation

HF 3000 HB

High performance HB

Herring bone formation

Tungsten Carbide Tiles

LION Propriety infill

Maximum coverage with close spacing

Minimizes matrix washout


8.5” Integral Blade Stabiliser

Laid out in equal rows of high grade tungsten carbide tiles, ready for application of proprietary alloy powder weld hard facing (HF 3000)

8.5” IBS Stabiliser & Reamer Tool

Prepared ready for hard facing

12.25” Turbine Stabiliser

HF3000 Hard facing process

16.75” IBS Non-Mag Stabiliser

Application of stellite powder infill for HF 3000 (powder weld process)

18” Bridge Buster

5/16” Kutrite composite rod applied to body area designed for cutting action

Stabiliser Sleeve with Tiles HF3000