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1965, saw the first well drilled off of Great Yarmouth, now nearly 50 years ago. The Oil and Gas industry was then in it’s infancy within the UK and a very different environment than we see today, however the challenges that were faced in1965 although very different the need for innovation and team work were very important. and these relationships are still at the forefront of any successful manufacturing company today.

Specialist in hard-facing, welding and machining, LION Engineering was established in 1968 to meet the challenges of this new industry, and to be at the forefront of development and innovation. From the very early days when requirements were often basic ideas needing to be turned into a fit for purpose manufactured tool meeting a particular downhole need, often rough and ready it was very different environment from the highly technical applications we see today.

Todays oilfield has been transformed, having to meet ever increasing challenges of longer, deeper and complex wells with new methods of logging, intervention, production, and more recently the challenges of long horizontal reach wells with steerable technology, which has been so successful in the Shale market. LION has been at the forefront of many of these challenges in particular the manufacturing of precision steerable downhole tools, working with a number of the major Oilfield service companies to achieve the demands of the industry.

LION has come a long way from the foundation of the company and now has a modern state of the art facility with a suite of multi-tasking CNC machines, the latest CMM measuring equipment, plus a fully equipped quality department, an offline programming department using the latest “Delcam software", and most importantly our highly skilled staff with years of experience to help, solve and advise.

LION is still in the process of adding new machines and with further investment continues, to meet the demands of our clients, hopefully for the next 50 years, both within the UK and International markets and continue to look forward to new challenges that may be on the horizon.