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Lion Roars Ahead

Media release

Lion Engineering Services of Great Yarmouth are poised to spring into one of the most exciting periods of development in their forty year history.

During the last eighteen months Lion Engineering Services has seen a major increase in business and has taken steps that place them in the forefront as a quality manufacturer of tools and equipment for the offshore/onshore drilling industry. The company has invested over a million pounds including building a new 5000 square ft. workshop, and the purchase of new plant and machinery including four turning and milling centers as well as a custom designed automated TIG welding unit.

At the heart of this intensive development programme is the newly arrived 'MAZAK e-500 H11 Integrex'. This mighty multi-axis machining center with full milling and turning capacity is designed to speed up production to unprecedented levels. With its multi-functional and intelligent machining capability together with a forty automatically selected tool changer, makes this market leading installation the first of its kind here in the eastern region.

With the oil industry as a key market, Lion with its new capacity con- tinues to offer world class expertise in specialist areas such as the manufacture of precision engineered components and the develop- ment of 'hard facing' techniques to reduce wear on down-hole tools.

New technology has meant neither the removal of traditional techniques nor a reducing workforce. Staff levels at Lion Engineering have increased significantly during the last eighteen months and the trend will continue. Its people and all of the plant are busy meeting orders for local, national and international customers. The ability to combine highly skilled traditional methods with the very latest technology means that Lion can proudly deliver both the 'jobbing' engineering work that stretches back through its history as well as the bespoke products for which they are already renowned, and that represent the future.